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What is "flavor"? Flavor text is the term that Wizards of the Coast assigned to lore that adds nothing to the function of a collectible game card, yet is included on the card to increase excitement ... excitement not conveyed by numbers and instructions. I can think of no better name for it.

This template is intended for the top of every ability page, usually appearing as the first text of the article, unless there's a disambiguation.

Its purpose is to:

  • enforce consistent formatting of flavor text for abilities, i.e., indent, italicize.
  • cut down on space dedicated to flavor text, for the reasons discussed at the WW:VP#Spell_sayings.

Usage[editar código]

{{AbilityFlavor|<flavor text>|<source>|<page>}}

  • <ability text> = The text to display
  • <source> = A valid reference source (optional)
    • The template will attempt to locate a page for the source. If a page does not exist it will assume it is one of the entries in the Book citation index.
  • <page> = the page number or range (optional)

Remember to add a References section and {{reflist}} to the page if needed, as per the Citation policy.

Examples[editar código]

{{AbilityFlavor|<"How's it taste?" -Marlowe Christophers>|<TCG Scourgewar>|<102>}}

"How's it taste?" -Marlowe Christophers[1]

{{AbilityFlavor|<"How's it taste?" -Marlowe Christophers>|<TCGSW>|<102>}}

"How's it taste?" -Marlowe Christophers[2]

References[editar código]