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Fedryen Swiftspear
<Cenarion Expedition Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly [Expedition Flare] 80s Consumable
[Schematic: Green Smoke Flare] 6g Engineering (335)
[Pattern: Heavy Clefthoof Boots] 14g Leatherworking (355)
[Reservoir Key] 10g Key
[Plans: Adamantite Sharpening Stone] 6g Blacksmithing (350)
[Plans: Adamantite Weightstone] 6g Blacksmithing (350)
[Plans: Greater Rune of Warding] 6g Blacksmithing (350)
[Pattern: Clefthide Leg Armor] 6g Leatherworking (335)
[Recipe: Earthen Elixir] 4g Alchemy (320)
[Recipe: Transmute Earthstorm Diamond] 8g Alchemy (350)
[Arcanum of Nature Warding] 100g Enchantment
[Pattern: Heavy Clefthoof Leggings] 14g Leatherworking (355)
[Pattern: Heavy Clefthoof Vest] 16g Leatherworking (360)
[Warden's Hauberk] 18g 11s 53c Leather
[Preserver's Cudgel] 35g 97s 4c One-Handed Mace
[Explorer's Walking Stick] 44g 79s 82c Staff
[Crusader's Ornamented Gloves] 15g 1s 15c Plate
[Crusader's Scaled Legguards] 32g 2s 63c Plate
[Dragonhide Legguards] 22g 54s 38c Leather
[Dreadweave Hood] 13g 9s 8c Cloth
[Evoker's Silk Trousers] 17g 32s 42c Cloth
[Kodohide Robe] 22g 38s 11c Leather
[Mooncloth Shoulderpads] 13g 43s 13c Cloth
[Opportunist's Leather Helm] 16g 23s 81c Leather
[Satin Robe] 18g 29s 55c Cloth
[Savage Plate Gauntlets] 15g 29s 49c Plate
[Seer's Linked Spaulders] 19g 42s 53c Mail
[Seer's Mail Gauntlets] 12g 98s 92c Mail
[Seer's Ringmail Legguards] 27g 35s 61c Mail
[Stalker's Chain Leggings] 25g 20s 25c Mail
[Wyrmhide Spaulders (PvP)] 16g 66s 37c Leather
Revered [Arcanum of Ferocity] 100g Enchantment
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Water to Air] 8g Alchemy (350)
[Formula: Enchant Gloves - Precise Strikes] 8g Enchanting (360)
[Strength of the Untamed] 17g 59s 52c Necklace
[Watcher's Cowl] 12g 73s 71c Cloth
[Design: Nightseye Panther] 12g Jewelcrafting (370)
[Plans: Wildguard Helm] 24g Blacksmithing (375)
[Plans: Wildguard Leggings] 24g Blacksmithing (375)
Exalted [Cenarion Expedition Tabard] 1g Tabard
[Pattern: Nethercleft Leg Armor] 12g Leatherworking (365)
[Recipe: Major Nature Protection Potion] 10g Alchemy (360)
[Recipe: Flask of Distilled Wisdom] 4g Alchemy (300)
[Ashyen's Gift] 79g 1s 12c Ring
[Windcaller's Orb] 79g 1s 12c Off Hand
[Earthwarden] 265g 68s 17c Two-Handed Mace
[Design: The Natural Ward] 12g Jewelcrafting (375)
[Formula: Enchant Cloak - Stealth] 10g Enchanting (300)
[Plans: Wildguard Breastplate] 24g Blacksmithing (375)
[Cenarion War Hippogryph] 2000g Riding (300)