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This template is designed to represent the most common forms of currency: the set of gold, silver, and copper, arena/honor/achievement points, honor tokens, and badge rewards tracked using the currency window.
All other items that are used as currency, tier loot tokens, and quest objectives should use {{costitem|<cost>|<actual item>|<display name/desired link>}} instead of this template.
Cost abbreviations
Currency PvP currency PvE currency
  • Copper ( Copper.png) - c
  • Silver ( Silver.png) - s
  • Gold ( Gold.png) - g
  • Honor Points - hp
    • Horde - h-hp
    • Alliance - a-hp
  • Conquest Points - cp
    • Horde - h-cp
    • Alliance - a-cp
  • Justice Points - jp
  • Valor Points - vp
Other tracked currencies
  • Achievement point - ach
  • [Champion's Seal] - cs
  • Chef's Award - ca
  • [Dalaran Cooking Award] - dca
  • [Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token] - djt
{{Cost|<gold> |<silver> |<copper> |<g=> |<s=> |<c=> |<hp=> |<ap=> |<jp=> |<vp=> |<ach=> |<cs=> |<dca=> |<djt=>>}}
1 Gold.png 30 Copper.png
2 Gold.png 3 Silver.png
4 Silver.png 5 Copper.png
6 Copper.png
8250 Honor points.png

See Also

  • {{Coppercost|<amount>}} to show an amount of money given as a number copper coins.
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