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Usage: {{subst:Icons}}

Most if not all icons are already uploaded onto the wiki, you need not worry yourself about them. Knowing their correct name is the only thing you would need to know in order to add them, in which you can simply find out using either thottbot or wowhead.

  • On Wowhead, after searching for the item, you can double-click the icons, this will popup a small window highlighting their name. Simply copy and paste.
  • On Thottbot, after searching for the item, you can right-click the icon then click view image, the name will appear in the url. Simply copy and paste.


  • What wowhead/thottbot gives: ability heroicleap || inv boots chain 08
  • How it must work on Wowpedia: [[File:ability heroicleap.png]] || [[File:inv boots chain 08.png]]
    • And for item pages simply: |icon=ability heroicleap || |icon=inv boots chain 08

For more information you can check out the image guidelines on icons. Thank you for your understanding, ~~