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Molten Core

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Molten Core loading screen

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Límite de jugadores


{{infobox instance

This template is to replace the "Characteristics" section of instance pages. Feel free to further develop it. It is only for use on main instance pages.

Valid Field Entries:

  • name: zone name (default PAGENAME)
  • aka: also known as (acronyms)
  • ss: ideal picture of zone [optional]
  • caption: image caption
  • loc: general area of zone [optional]
  • races or race: races within the faction. Please use the following separated by line breaks (<br />): [optional]
{{Race|Night Elf}} = Elfos de la nocheElfos de la noche Elfos de la noche
{{Race|Dwarf}} = EnanosEnanos Enanos
{{Race|Gnome}} = GnomosGnomos Gnomos
{{Race|Human}} = HumanoHuman Humanos
{{Race|Draenei}} = DraeneiDraenei Draenei
{{Race|Orc}} = OrcosOrcos Orcos
{{Race|Troll}} = TrolTrol Troll
{{Race|Tauren}} = TaurenTauren Tauren
{{Race|Undead}} = No-muertosNo-muertos No-muertos
{{Race|Blood Elf}} = Elfos de sangreElfos de sangre Elfos de sangre
{{Race|Goblin}} = GoblinGoblin Goblin
{{Race|Dark Iron}} = Enanos Hierro NegroEnanos Hierro Negro Enanos Hierro Negro
or other when needed - see Category: Race templates
  • boss: endboss/leader of the instance [optional]
  • type: type of zone - Raid or Wing, etc ("Raid" will add {{Raids}} navigation) [optional]
  • level: advised levels for the zone [optional]
  • minlevel: minimum level required to enter instance [optional]
  • players: number of players allowed [optional]
  • key: keys required for entry [optional]
  • bosses: collapsible frame for list of bosses; typically uses {{instance_name}} [optional]
  • lockout: how often does the instance reset? 3 days? 1 week? [optional]