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Use this at the top of articles or sections on subjects that are no longer in the game. It places the article in Category:Removed from Warcraft III.


Parameters allow for:

  • First unnamed parameter (1): Additional description.
  • item type -Second unnamed parameter (2): Replaces the word "article" in description box to the introduced text.
  • First optional named parameter (patch=): Used to tell in what patch version it was removed.
  • Second optional named parameter (beta=): Used for units, items, etc. that were removed during the beta of Warcraft III, write "beta" after this parameter, alternatively you can use another type of previous version like "pre-beta".
  • Last optional named parameter (doc=): Suppresses category inclusion.

No explanation

With description

Article type

Used for images and other items that are not articles.

Patch ID

This optional named parameter can be added to any of the above.

  • {{RemovedfromWC3|patch=1.07}}


This optional named parameter can be added to any of the above and suppresses the category addition. Used when providing an example of the template for documentation purposes.

  • {{RemovedfromWC3|description|doc=}}