Plantilla:Summoning the Charger

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A Paladín [60] Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker (optional)

The paladin must complete both the Censer series, and the Barding series, after which he is offered the Scryer quests. The two series are otherwise independent.

  1. The Censer
    1. A Paladín [60] Emphasis on Sacrifice
    2. A Paladín [60] To Show Due Judgment
    3. A Paladín [60] Exorcising Terrordale
  2. The Barding
    1. A Paladín [60] The Work of Grimand Elmore
    2. A Paladín [60D] Collection of Goods
    3. A Paladín [60D] Ancient Equine Spirit
      requiring A Paladín [60] Manna-Enriched Horse Feed
    4. A Paladín [60] Blessed Arcanite Barding
  3. The Scryer (after both Censer and Barding are complete)
    1. A Paladín [60] The Divination Scryer
    2. A Paladín [60D] Judgment and Redemption